Orders for Windows

Orders for Windows lets you receive online orders via a computer running Windows (XP onward). Customer orders are sent straight to your compatible printer without the need of a POS integration.


Latest version: 1.4.0

  • New SSL certificates.
  • Update PixelPoint and Maitre’D setting pages.
  • Improvements to auto-restart.
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  • No POS system required.
  • Easy installation.
  • Runs quietly in the task tray.
  • Receives and prints customer orders.
  • Print duplicate copies if required.
  • Audio alerts when orders arrive.
  • Can work across multiple stores (if you operate another brand from the same location).
  • Remotely updateable.
  • Free download.

Other ways of receiving orders

Mobi2Go also allows you to receive orders to supported POS systems or to print them from our all-in-one Mobi2Go Printer.