Seamless online ordering with your Kounta POS

Mobi2Go has partnered with Kounta to make it easier for you to start taking orders online.

We’ll use your details from Kounta including:

  • menus
  • locations
  • addresses
  • trading times

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a populated platform you can use to make your own online and mobile storefront.

Set up the Mobi2Go add-on
Example Kounta setup integrated with Mobi2Go.

Key benefits

Customised ordering

Your customised storefront can be embedded directly into your website. Your customers will be able to place orders without being redirected.

All your orders in one place

Mobi2Go will send order data to your Kounta POS where it will appear for you to make. No need for manual entry.

Product management

Make product or pricing changes in your POS, and sync them across with the click of a button.

Online ordering made for you

You’ll have access to intuitive stock management, including product stock levels and stock pricing in real-time.

Scale for success

The Mobi2Go console gives you real‑time sales information to help you keep track of what’s been ordered and by who.

Marketing made easier

Use your data for marketing campaigns, helping you grow and create more ways to reach out to your customers.

Adding Mobi2Go to your Kounta platform

Step 1.

First, enable the Mobi2Go add-on from your Kounta account.

Step 2.

Kounta will ask your permission to share your details with Mobi2Go.

Step 3.

Lastly, you will need to create a password for your Mobi2Go account.

Step 4.

Mobi2Go will bring your settings across from Kounta. When it’s done, you will be able to view your store and complete your set up.