Case Studies / Habitual Fix

Desktop ordering delivered to hungry workers’ desk tops


Habitual Fix have been creating fresh food addicts since 2006. With 10 stores throughout New Zealand, they’ve made a huge impact on the health conscious professional looking for lunch on the go.

Being faced with a rapid growth of orders coming in for corporate lunches and events, Habitual Fix were looking for a convenient way to reduce the time customers spent on the phone.

Habitual Fix turned to Mobi2Go for digital ordering, allowing customers to order ahead at their chosen time and then jump the queue to collect.

“Taking large volume orders by phone can be difficult. We wondered what could be done to speed things up and give customers the option of ordering from their desk.”

James Tucker
Owner, Habitual Fix

The Background

With a large customer base of working professionals, word spread pretty quickly about Habitual Fix, especially for catering meetings and events. As orders continued to increase at a rapid rate, staff were finding themselves on long calls, rather than helping out at the storefront. This left in-store customers frustrated as their wait became even longer.

The challenge was set: Habitual Fix needed to find a way to reduce the time spent on the phone taking orders so that their staff could get back to doing what they do best and ensuring all their customers had an exceptional experience at Habitual Fix.

The Results

Mobi2Go were able to integrate perfectly into the existing Habitual Fix website and build their mobile app to further allow customers to order directly from their desktop or smartphone from anywhere, at anytime.

Customers can now select, order ahead and pay for their lunch directly from their desk saving time on the phone or standing in line waiting. Following such a successful rollout, Habitual Fix have been able to grow their revenue by 25%.

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