Mobi2Go exists to build your brand in the hearts and hands of your customers. Here’s a comprehensive list of the features that power our platform.


Your brand

Your customers will think that you’ve custom built and designed your digital ordering as your Mobi2Go store seamlessly integrates with your brand and existing digital presence.

Custom stylesheets

Let your creatives roam free with direct access to your store’s CSS allowing the limitless customisation of its design.

Your domain name

Your Mobi2Go store sits behind your own domain name. Customers only see you and are not redirected to a third party website.

Your website

With a snippet of code your Mobi2Go store embeds directly into your existing website for a beautiful and seamless customer ordering experience.

Need a website?

If you don’t have an existing website, Mobi2Go’s One Pager gives you a beautiful and customisable website to wow your customers.

Mobile responsive

Your Mobi2Go store is mobile responsive so it looks great when viewed on any mobile or tablet device.


Your storefront can talk to your customers in their language. Parlez-vous français? Oui!

Mobile apps (iOS / Android)

Your brand

Put your business in your customers’ pockets. iOS and Android apps are branded for your business allowing customers to search, view and download directly from the Apple or Google app stores.


Expertly designed for the mobile experience. Your customers can view, order, and pay from your app. Data is updated in real time from Mobi2Go so your menu is never out of date.

GPS location display

Customers can view the locations of your stores and effortlessly identify which one they are closest to.

Social links

Customers can easily access your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts directly from your app.


Say goodbye to your physical loyalty cards. If you work with a loyalty platform supported by Mobi2Go, your customers can view their loyalty points within the app and present a barcode or QR code for scanning at point of sale.

Find out more about mobile app ordering

In-store kiosk

All-in-one ordering solution

Let your customers do the work for you. Your kiosk will help free the rest of your team by adding a convenient way to browse, order, and pay.

Your brand on display

Our design options set us apart. We build your menu with a custom design based on your branding. Your kiosk menu will be expertly designed and immediately recognisable to your customers.

Higher order value

Encourage larger orders by creating a no-pressure buying environment. Your customers will be able to easily interact with your menu using the high performance touch screen.

Guest ordering

Buy now, details later. Your customers can buy using your kiosk without creating an account. This removes any barriers to making an order.

Built for hospitality operations

We can send kiosk orders to your existing POS system to create a solution that is easy for your team.

27 inch kiosk - wall mounted

Find out more about self-service kiosks

Table ordering

Free up your team

Use table ordering to optimise your staff hours, and free up the team to focus on other things. Customers are able to browse, order, and pay at their table.

Order more

Capture extra revenue in second-round orders. Customers can get another side, a dessert, or a round of drinks whenever they feel like it.

Designed around you

The whole customer experience can be made to fit your branding: from the prompts on the table to the digital ordering experience. If you don't have a designer, we can lend a hand.

Built for hospitality operations

Your table orders will be sent straight to your existing POS system to create a solution that’s easy for your team to use.

No apps needed

Customers are able to easily navigate and use your ordering with just their phones. They don’t need to download any additional apps or create an account to order.

Find out more about Table Ordering

Customer orders

Order for now or later

Allow customers to order for ASAP, or schedule orders in advance. Great for those large catering orders.

Customise to their tastes

Customers can order items off your menu and customise them to suit depending on their tastes and dietary requirements.

Load their last order

With one click, your customers can recall and place their last order.

Get discounts using vouchers

Customers can access your marketing campaigns by clicking offers or entering voucher codes when they order.

Flexible payment options

Whether it be cash, credit card, or Apple Pay™, or Google Pay™, Mobi2Go gives you the flexibility to offer the payment options that work best for your customers and best for your business. All payment gateways are PCI compliant.

Save your credit card

No more digging for credit cards anytime your customers want to order. With saved payments customers can opt to have their credit card details securely stored by your industry standard PCI compliant payment gateway for all future orders.

Mobi2Go Payments

Mobi2Go Payments allows you to set up and offer customers the ability to pay for orders by credit card in minutes. No more jumping through hoops to set up merchant accounts with your bank. Apple Pay™ and Google Pay™ are included for all stores using Mobi2Go Payments. Apple Pay™ is available in app and on your website, Google Pay™ is available on your website

Branded email receipts

Email your customers branded receipts after their purchase.


Allow customers to add notes to individual products, their whole order, or delivery instructions (POS support required).

Guest orders

Allow your customers to order with or without making an account (POS support required).


With Mobi2Go’s sophisticated menu editor you can set up your menu to allow customers to customise as little or as much as they want when ordering.

Flexible menus

Show your customers different menus depending on the time of day (lunch or dinner), the method of ordering (pick up or delivery), or the size of order (express or catering). Your brand can use a single set of menus across all stores, or have individual menus per store.

Product images

Make your items ‘pop’ with beautiful images that your customers can view while ordering.

Time-based ordering

Set the times that products are available for ordering. Restrict breakfast items to before 10am only. Require 24 hours notice for whole cake orders.

Stock control

Sold out of an item or ingredient? Set items out of stock so your customers cannot order them. Set and forget by choosing a date when the item or ingredient is back in stock. Hide items or ingredients that are only offered in some stores.

Import / export

Import your menu directly from your point of sale or a CSV and manage directly within Mobi2Go. Export items to CSV.

Menu sync

Use your POS as the source of truth for your menu and sync any updates with a button click. Menu sync is only supported with selected POS integrations.

Unlimited menu configuation

With Mobi2Go there is no limit to the number of products or combinations you can offer to your customers.


Receiving orders

Mobi2Go lets you receive digital orders in a way that suits your business. Receive them to your supported POS and let staff follow their usual processes, or have orders print in store using our all in one Mobi2Go Printer or using our free software, Orders for Windows.

Flexible opening hours

Whether your stores are closed between lunch and dinner, or if they stay open until the early hours of the next morning, you can manage your store hours in Mobi2Go.

Delivery mapping

With Mobi2Go’s sophisticated delivery mapping functionality you can set up multiple delivery zones with variable fees targeting the areas your store delivers to. Customer addresses are validated in real time against your delivery zones to ensure they are within available delivery areas.

Dynamic wait times

Set customer expectations of when their order will be ready with wait times for pick-up and delivery orders. Wait times can dynamically adjust based on the number of items in the order, or when ordering from your catering menu.

Reporting and analytics

View real time data on your sales activity, customer habits and interactions. Export your sales and customer data to view and analyse in your reporting platform of choice.

Price tiers

Offer the same menu across all your stores but with pricing dependant on location by using price tiers.


With flexible tax management Mobi2Go allows you to set taxes at both a store and product level.


Add a surcharge to orders for payments or on public holidays.

Holiday management

Add a surcharge or set your store as closed on a public holiday in advance.


Prompt for tips at time of payment and set a default tip rate.

Franchise management

Whether managing a handful of stores or thousands, Mobi2Go has been designed in consultation with franchise groups to provide real time insight and reporting across all stores, whilst at the same time allowing restricted access to managers and franchisees at an individual store level.

Loyalty and promotions


With Mobi2Go’s sophisticated voucher management you can offer your customers discounts accessed via a simple voucher code at the time of ordering. Common offers such as combos or 2 for 1s are easy to set up, while more complicated offers are also possible.

Stamp card loyalty

Offer a simple “buy x, get one free” stamp card loyalty program. Stamps and rewards can be based on any combination of products purchased or dollars spent.

Integrated loyalty

Say goodbye to your physical loyalty cards. If you work with a loyalty platform supported by Mobi2Go customers can view their loyalty points and present a barcode or QR code for scanning at point of sale, all from within your mobile app.

Gift cards

If you work with a gift card provider supported by Mobi2Go then customers can use their gift cards to pay for their digital orders in part or in full.


Promote a selected item or category to drive customer behaviour. Just like displaying a poster in store.

First order discounts

Win new customers by offering a discount that can only be used with their first order.

Loyalty club

Your Mobi2Go storefront asks customers for minimal contact details to keep order conversions high. If you need more information from your customers we can ask them a few more questions to join your loyalty club (eg date of birth, favourite store and more).

Find out more about loyalty

Security and data


Secured by 256-bit SSL your customers information, data, and payments are secure.

Customer and order data

Mobi2Go securely hosts your customer and order data, but at all times ownership of this data remains yours.


Mobi2Go uses modern tech services to ensure the service is there when needed. Services include Amazon Web Services (server infrastructure); SendGrid and Mailgun (email); Twilio (sms); New Relic, Raygun, PagerDuty and Splunk (monitoring and data).


Track customer behaviour using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Snapchat’s Snap Pixel, and Facebook pixel.


Point of Sale (POS)

Mobi2Go integrates with the world’s leading point of sale systems. Send orders directly to your kitchen so that staff don’t have to adjust their operational processes, and so that your POS receives all order data for franchise management and accounting purposes. Menu data and wait times can be synced for supported POS systems.

Payment gateways

With integration into leading payment gateways around the world Mobi2Go allows you to maintain your existing payment relationships whilst offering customers the ease of paying by credit card.

Delivery services

Delivery integrations allow you to work with third party delivery systems and services to have customer delivery orders communicated directly to them without the need for manual interaction.Find out more about our delivery services

Loyalty programs

Have an existing loyalty program, or looking to add one in the future. Mobi2Go’s list of supported loyalty programs is growing daily allowing your customers to accrue points for orders.


Connect Mobi2Go to MailChimp to add your customers to MailChimp lists.

Data and analytics

Google Analytics and Segment.io integration provides you with the flexibility and power to analyse your customer data and ordering behaviors.

Mobi2Go APIs

Need to integrate with your own technology stack, point of sale or a service not currently supported by Mobi2Go? Our comprehensive APIs and webhooks free your data to use how you see fit.

Find out more about our integrations


Dedicated support team

The Mobi2Go support team is ready and waiting to assist you with any issues you may experience.

Mobi2Go Help Centre

Find commonly asked questions, help guides and tutorials in the Mobi2Go Help Centre.

Mobi2Go powers digital ordering for thousands of locations including:

  • Schnitz
  • Mad Mex
  • Ribs and Burgers
  • Burger Project
  • Zambrero
  • Fonda Mexican
  • SumoSalad

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