Right from their first restaurant in 2007, Schnitz had their customer in mind. They created their own crumb recipe, cooked each schnitzel made to order and pan-fried them for a healthier cooking method. This fresh approach paid off. Customers loved the way Schnitz made their food. Schnitz now has over 70 stores, and they’re still growing.

When it came to creating their digital ordering Schnitz had clear goals. They wanted an amazing user experience aligned with what they offer in store. They also wanted to stay up to date with current consumer behaviours.

Mobi2Go solved these key challenges for Schnitz

  1. Creating an online ordering experience that was intuitive and aligned.
  2. Converting their website traffic into paying customers.
  3. Meeting evolving customer needs and behaviours on mobile.
  4. Creating an easy way to order ahead for large groups.

We did extensive research when deciding on our own digital ordering. In the end, it came down to what the user experience would be like, the future direction of the product itself, and the relationship we built with the company. Mobi2Go ticked all the boxes for us.

Mobi2Go’s menu first, sign-up later approach was hard to beat. When a customer goes online to order food, they want to select their order before being asked to hand over personal data and with Mobi2Go that’s the exact experience they’re going to get. Food first, details later.

Amanda Bevan
Head of Marketing.

Key results for Schnitz’s online ordering:

Schnitz wanted to make sure the customer was at the centre of every decision. So we worked with them to create an engaging buying experience. Every component of their online menu, from the design to the menu's tasty add-ons, has been carefully curated. With the new seamless digital ordering system, Schnitz customers can now order directly through the Schnitz website and choose their own personal favourites.

Moving to digital ordering makes it easy to satisfy loyal customers and attract new ones. Customers can order specifically what they want and pick up exactly when they need to. They can now jump those big queues and save themselves precious time. We're proud that Schnitz customers have more options than ever to get their hands on those tasty Schnitzels.