Poke Guru

Poke Guru, based in Indianapolis in the United States, aims to provide a ‘fast-healthy’ approach to eating with the sole purpose of producing healthy, nutrient-dense food to its customers as conveniently as possible.

After extensive research into the online ordering options available, Poke Guru opened its own online store in January 2019.


“In the restaurant industry, there are so many options available in the online space, but most take advantage of their size and ravage small restaurant profits with the average being 20% of sales. In an industry relying on small margins, this just isn't feasible for long term success,” said Poke Guru’s founder Adam Odgaard.

Mobi2Go, a cloud-based solution, that’s customisable and integrated with the POS was a perfect fit.

Criteria for an online solution:

“My key criteria for the online store were as follows:

  • Streamlined with the POS so that all the reporting was in one place;
  • Integrate with our inventory;
  • Owning the customer data; and
  • Most importantly ensuring an incredible user experience when customers ordered online.

I knew I couldn’t get that through aggregators such as UberEats or GrubHub. Mobi2Go ticked all these boxes straight off.” says Adam.


“Our daily takings from the online ordering is now four times our monthly costs for the platform and I’ve been able to collaborate with a local bicycle company to do our delivery. That’s been a huge win for us.

Being an entrepreneur is about recognising problems and being able to find a solution to them so your business can run smoother and your customers are happier and that’s exactly what we’ve managed to achieve through our online platform.”