Fonda Mexican

Inspired by the real ‘fondas’ of Mexico, the menu at Fonda Mexican is a fresh take on the best Mexican street food flavours.

While each Fonda restaurant is designed to fit the neighbourhood and make everyone feel at home, the menu lends itself to offering great takeaway options and a huge growth opportunity for Fonda.

With this in mind, digital ordering was introduced with the aim to improve takeaway ordering by making it quicker and easier for both the guest and the restaurant teams.

Fonda approached Mobi2Go leveraging its seamless online platform to provide a better alternative to phone orders.

Since introducing Mobi2Go, Fonda has seen solid growth in its takeaway sales and has importantly benefited from the significant operational efficiencies gained.


Fonda moved to online ordering with Mobi2Go to solve 4 key challenges:

  1. To simplify takeaway orders - phone orders were proving a challenge, especially during peak times.
  2. To ensure payment for all takeaway orders placed.
  3. To appeal to a broader base of customers looking for quick and easy takeaway options.
  4. To clearly lay out the menu and provide a visual representation of the different items available to guests.

Mobi2Go have been fantastic to work with, growing the takeaway arm of the Fonda business and making it a much quicker, easier and more engaging process.

Moving away from phone ordering has seen us make significant efficiency gains in the restaurant, but more importantly, it has made it much more appealing for guests to order takeaway directly with us.

Mobi2Go also helped us set up a streamlined ordering option for our rooftop cinema, so guests can now order directly to their seat through the Mobi2Go platform

Andrew Mitchell
Brand and Marketing Director.

Key results

  • Significant gains in efficiency and effectiveness of takeaway orders by:
    • reducing order errors,
    • Receiving payments for all orders placed which helps to reduce wastage,
    • Improving the efficiency of the customer when placing an order.
  • Significant improvements in the guest experience - with the removal of a significant barrier to entry, customers are no longer faced with long waiting times over the phone, orders can be placed at any time and credit card details can be saved to improve the time it takes to place an order.

increase in online orders over 6 months

increase in online customers over 6 months