Case Studies / Camile Thai

How Camile Thai connected with millennials and drove online sales

The Situation

Camile Thai is a glamorous and healthy online delivery and seated fast casual restaurant chain in Dublin, Ireland. They’ve been delivering customers authentic Thai to take home since 2010.

Five years, seven stores, 7,000 Twitter followers and 32,000 Facebook fans later, Camile have successfully connected with their digital savvy customers through the power of online & mobile ordering.

The Challenge

Camile were using a third party site before they started using Mobi2Go, but the costs were high and the results were low. With a customer base of health conscious, social media savvy millennials, Camile needed a solution to connect with this audience in a meaningful way.

After extensive research into their target market, the focus was to make Camile an online delivery business. That’s where Mobi2Go came in.

“A lot of our customers are going to be on their mobile tablet or computer at home. If we could capture them there and then, we’d have a higher chance of converting them.”

Brian O’Sullivan
Digital Marketing Specialist
Camile Thai

The Solution

Mobi2Go was injected into Camile’s existing website, matching their brand’s look and feel perfectly. The Mobi2Go ordering app was added to Camile’s Facebook page to give social media addicts the option of ordering via Facebook in just a couple of clicks.

Camile’s digitally advanced customers could now select, customize, schedule and pay for their order online at a time that suited them - from wherever they were on any device.

The Results

Following a smooth rollout and integration directly to each store’s point-of-sale, Camile are now generating 40% of their total revenue through Mobi2Go. Customers love the convenience of ordering direct from their mobile, laptop and Facebook account.  

Mobi2Go’s intuitive features have made business more streamlined for Camile Thai and the ordering process more efficient.

Mobi2Go and Camile Thai are working together to develop even more ways to delight customers and improve the ordering experience.

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